• Dynamic, Beautiful and Artistic Taka

    Dynamic, Beautiful and Artistic Taka

    Taka’s energetic and multi-dimensional belly dancing performances have given her an edge that is unique, classy, beautiful and artistic – all in one package.


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  • Have you always wanted to learn to belly dance?

    Have you always wanted to learn to belly dance?

    Taka offers group belly dance instruction, tailored private belly dance lessons, semi-private lessons, and even belly Skype lessons. Learn more about her curriculum and the benefits you’ll reap in just one class, then book your first session today!

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  • Very Taka

    Very Taka

    Taka’s love for expressing herself through movement started at the young age of 8. While she has spent many years studying a multitude of unique dance styles, she now focuses on sharing her talent through the art of belly dancing. This talent is what led her to becoming  2013’s honorary member in the Belly Dancing Hall of Fame. Read more about her exciting background now!


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Meet Taka

Taka is a dynamic performer, instructor, and choreographer, who entices audiences with her elegant and exciting belly dancing. Based in Colorado, she is known for her professionalism, along with an in-depth understanding of the history, customs and techniques of belly dance. Book Taka for your event today

Belly Dance or Die

As this year’s honorary member of the Belly Dance Hall of Fame, Taka is changing the world through belly dance. In 2013, she started a new international project, Belly Dance or Die.
Find out how you get involved here.

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