Taka is this year’s 2013 honorary member of the Belly Dance Hall of Fame.

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In 2013 has been a very exciting year so far. Taka was selected as an honorary member of the Belly Dance Hall of Fame. There are only 15 honorees.

Taka is a diverse performer/instructor based in Denver, Colorado. She has spent most of her life studying dance and music. Her dedication to art, has made her a highly sought after performer, instructor, and choreographer. Her strength and flexibility has allowed her to create an exciting and unique style. Her outstanding professionalism, and strong technique gives her an edge that makes for beautiful performances, and the ability to perpetuate the art of dance and music through teaching.

photo3Taka began taking ballet classes at the age of 8. She fell in love with expressing herself through movement. Over the years she has continued her education, extensively studying 10 different styles of dance and movement, such as tap, jazz, ballet, modern, lyrical, musical theater, break dancing, hip hop, Brazilian samba, and Brazilian Caporeia. Her journey through motion studies has lead her to many exciting experiences and places.
She began studying oriental dancing (otherwise known as belly dance) in 2002. The dance came naturally to her and she instantly fell in love with the movement, the culture, and the music. The more she educated herself in the art, the deeper her love and respect grew for the dance, and the many communities belly dance has created.

Taka has come to perform in many of Denver’s premiere night clubs, restaurants, parties, events, and has found herself performing and studying dance around the globe.

In fact, 2013 has been a very exciting year for her. This year, Taka was selected as an honorary member of the Belly Dance Hall of Fame, of which there are only 15 honorees.

She also traveled through South America for 5 months of the year, performing, teaching, and connecting with the many belly dance communities throughout the continent. This trip inspired a new and exciting project – Belly Dance or Die. You can read about her adventures here.

Taka has also had the honor of teaching belly dance since 2002. Her upbeat energetic personality offers a fun inspiring atmosphere for all ages and backgrounds. Her classes are a wonderful place to exercise, have fun, feel great, and make new friends.