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Dancing with Kristine Adams in Lima pt. 3

Basics of ATS with Kristine Adams This class was invaluable to me. I haven’t had a lot of experience studying ATS, and getting the opportunity to take a small group workshop on ATS basics with Kristine Adams… incredible. The girl knows her ATS. Throughout my studies of belly dance, I’ve only had a small amount […]

Dancing with Kristine Adams in Lima, Peru Pt. 1

By the end of March 2013, we made it to Lima, Peru. We had been on the road non-stop since Feb. 1st, 2013. Lima was exciting, because I got to re-connect with Kristine Adams and meet Sandra Cardenas founder of Sadhana Danza Wasi: Tribal & Fusión. For her interview click here. One of the cool […]

Belen Millán Interview – Buenos Aires, Argentina

1. How long have you been belly dancing? I began belly dancing at 11 years old. 2. How did you get into belly dancing? I got into belly dancing, because my brother’s girlfriend danced belly dancing. She told me that it was wonderful, and a few days later I attended my first class. 3. How […]

Interview with Gaby from Studio Rakhshanda – Cochabamba, Boliva

Interview – 1. How long have you been belly dancing? I started in 2005, going to take classes to my first teacher’s house at night, starting this “Belly Dance Romance” and checking all the information that I could find in the internet. 2. How did you get into belly dancing? By accident I think. I […]

Interview with Shakti Prema Ananda – Lima, Peru

1. How long have you been belly dancing? 10 years. 2. How did you get into belly dancing? A friend saw me dancing and he said, “do you practice belly dance?” I said, “nope.” However, I followed his advice and I just went to my first class. I cried the first day, I was so […]

Backpacking in Colombia – (Santa Marta, San Guil, Villa de Leyva, Popayan, and Ipiales)

Santa Marta After the craziness of Baranquilla, we headed further up the coast to Santa Marta for some R&R. We found a nice place to stay in the main area of town and remained there for about 3 days. Santa Marta is known to have some of the nicest beaches along the coast. When I […]

Backpacking in Barranquilla for Carnival!

Carnival in Baranquilla! We spent a week in Cartagena and then made our way two hours up the Caribbean coast to Barranquilla for Carnival! Carnival was an incredible experience. UNESCO honored it by declaring the Carnival of Barranquilla, “a world Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.” We got into Baranquilla on Friday […]

Samina Escuela De Danza Arabes in Lima, Peru

Sandra put me in touch with a wonderful Raks Sharki dancer in Lima. Marcia Samina’s School of Belly Dance is located in Lima, Peru. I was so excited to finally be in contact with a South American Raks Sharki dancer. I have contacted quite a few Cabaret/Raks Sharki dancers, and Marcia was the first to […]

Dancing with Kristine Adams in Lima, Peru Pt. 2

Dancing with Kristine Adams in Lima, Peru Pt. 2 Kristine was sponsored by Sadhana Danza Wasi: Tribal & Fusion in Lima, Peru. The studio is run by Sandra . We were going through Lima during these workshops so I contacted Sandra (Shakti Prema Ananda). Sandra was gracious enough to let us stay at her place […]

Belly Dancing in Chachapoyas, Peru

As the trip is starting to progress I am finding that I am having more and more wonderful dance experiences and meeting more wonderful dancers. Peru was an amazing, warm, and friendly experience. Belly Dance in Chachapoyas, Peru In Chachapoyas Kristine Adam’s stayed with us for a few days. We hung out talked shop and […]