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Taka offers group belly dance instruction, tailored private
belly dance lessons, semi-private lessons, and belly Skype lessons.

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Weekly group belly dance classes in Denver are listed below. Join Taka’s classes!
Sunday from 12pm-1pm
and every Tuesday from 6pm-7pm

***Space is limited ***

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Class Curriculum
Taka tailors her classes to fit

With many years of experience, Taka knows the importance of a strong foundation in the basics of belly dance. She has developed her own methodologies to help teach to students strengths and stamina while creating beautiful movement and technique. Taka teaches all ages and levels of students the many styles of belly dance. She is well versed in both Raks Sharki (Egyptian style belly dance) and Tribal Fusion.

Taka offers drop in rates at $15 and or you can purchase at a discount package of 4 classes for $50.

Taka realizes that each person has their own individual style of learning, and works with each person to develop the dancer within. Her classes are a great place to get fit, learn about other cultures, have fun, and make new friends!

Benefits of Belly Dance
Many would be surprised to know the many benefits of belly dance and how it works with the body’s own natural movement. The gentle repetition of movements provide an efficient, yet gentle workout that helps the body tone to it’s natural curve. Belly dance is a low impact workout and Taka’s instruction format offers high results.

Most importantly, belly dance helps one to connect with themselves mind, body, and soul.Dance is a deeply personal experience. Taka facilitates a safe and supportive learning environment, that allows her students to embrace their own personal beauty and creativity.

Belly dancing is a fun healthy way to improve flexibility, exercise, get fit, have a creative outlet, reduce stress, feel good, and connect with others.

“I first started taking classes with Taka because I saw her perform. Her skill and love of belly-dancing was evident with every move she made. As a dancer she is captivating. Her class is not just a dance class, but all encompassing. She teaches you how to listen to the music, the various rhythms, the instruments used, and the history of belly dancing. She has taken my appreciation of belly dancing to a whole new level.”
Debbie Lichtenberg


Classes conveniently located in the Cherry Creek area right off Colorado Blvd. and Mississippi.

***Space is limited ***

Contact Taka directly to schedule classes here.
Taka offers drop in rates at $15 and or you can purchase a a discount package of 4 classes for $50.