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Taka Colorado Belly Dancing_20Taka offers online private and semi-private lessons through Skype. This is a great way to get first class instruction from anywhere on the planet.

Contact Taka to set your own tailor made one-on-one lesson here.

“I first started taking classes with Taka because I saw her perform. Her skill and love of belly-dancing was evident with every move she made. As a dancer she is captivating. Her class is not just a dance class, but all encompassing. She teaches you how to listen to the music, the various rhythms, the instruments used, and the history of belly dancing.” She has taken my appreciation of belly dancing to a whole new level. – Debbie Lichtenberg

“Taka is a fantastic instructor! She explains moves in a way that are easy to understand. She never singles anyone out when doing an incorrect move. She stresses proper bellydance stance throughout the entire class, which is great because it is easy to forget, when you get tired! She is encouraging to everyone in the class and notices the individual weekly improvements made. Not only that, but I have seen her students, me included, want to improve as a dancers. And her classes are fun!” – Jan Chavez

“I have been taking lessons from Taka for a few years. Some privates for solos also.
She is a very pleasant young lady. Lots of Talent and Beauty inside and out. She is wise beyond her years. Her teaching style is an A, very patient, fun and lots of information about dance and keeping safe with our bodies. I have seen her teach all ages and levels, she is kind to all, and you learn to dance by breaking and explaining what to do and what will help. It has been a Blessing to have her in my Journey. Check out her you tube videos. She can just walk to greet you with Grace and Warmth. Her dancing is outstanding!” – Katina Milioto