Dancing with Kristine Adams in Lima, Peru Pt. 1

By the end of March 2013, we made it to Lima, Peru. We had been on the road non-stop since Feb. 1st, 2013. Lima was exciting, because I got to re-connect with Kristine Adams and meet Sandra Cardenas founder of Sadhana Danza Wasi: Tribal & Fusión. For her interview click here.

One of the cool things about meeting Kristine was that she was another traveling belly dancer. A belly dancer connection in a foreign country is priceless!!! When I met Kristine I thought, “Whoa, I am not alone. This is awesome! Another dancer who wanders, dances, and shares a passion for this art form!” I felt an instant connection with her, and was so happy to have met her.
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Once in Lima, the next 5 days were filled with fun and dance. I took a couple more workshops with Kristine Adams, and we added to our ongoing list of fun adventures together. We trained together, I took her workshops, we all went to The Cathedral to drink the best Pisco Sour in Lima, and went to some wonderful markets. Everyone I came across in Lima, were all so kind, and wonderful. Keep posted for further future highlights! :)

Click below for a review of Kristine’s first class in Lima.

New Moves of ATS w/Kristine Adams

Pisco Lima 2

BD lima 3