Samina Escuela De Danza Arabes in Lima, Peru

Sandra put me in touch with a wonderful Raks Sharki dancer in Lima. Marcia Samina’s School of Belly Dance is located in Lima, Peru. I was so excited to finally be in contact with a South American Raks Sharki dancer. I have contacted quite a few Cabaret/Raks Sharki dancers, and Marcia was the first to respond to me!

We had gone down to her studio, and met up to chat and hang out before her class. Her English was about where my Spanish was at. Fortunately, our partners were there to translate for us! Marcia’s husband understood English fairly well, and my boyfriend Kevin was was the communication bridge for us all!

It was wonderful talking with Marcia. She had an excellent belly dance school, and is an active force in propagating belly dance and belly dance education. She is not only a strong presence in in Lima Peru, but throughout South America. She is originally from Brazil, and her husband is Peruvian. They now reside in Peru together. As we spoke, she told us about what dancing was like in both Lima and in Brazil. She said this dance is very competitive in both countries. Marcia mentioned that Brazil is much more competitive than Peru, and said that most dancers have to have degrees from Universities to teach belly dance. This makes me want to go to Brazil, even more!


Marcia was also gracious enough to invite me to perform in a festival she was holding a few weeks after this meeting, but unfortunately I would be in Bolivia at the time. It would have been far too expensive to fly back to Lima, and then back into Bolivia in order to stay on track without the trip.

We hung out and spoke for about an hour until her class started. Marcia invited me to stay. Initially, I thought it was to participate in her class, and take photos for the site. I was very excited to get some more dance time in. One of her students spoke English, and it actually turned out she asked if I wanted to teach the girls some dance. I was not expecting this, but I was more than happy to oblige. I love teaching and we proceeded to alternate teaching the class through intervals. We had a great time, and Marcia had an amazing drum solo choreography that we worked on in the class.






I loved her style and her energy. I have been dancing so much tribal it was nice to get in some classical belly dance in. Her high energy class was two hours of pure enjoyment. Her students were so sweet and wonderful. Each woman had smiles on their faces ear to ear the entire time. Marcia is a wonderful teacher, and a wonderful woman.

She is hold a huge festival in Lima, Peru in August featuring Jillina, Keshi Chai, Mouhamad Shahin, and Alla Kushnir. For more information click here.

Fies Peru flyer

I could easily see myself staying in Lima for a month or two. I feel in love with LIma and the people I had the pleasure to meet. I was so excited to meet Marcia and Sandra, and I had the most wonderful time meeting their students. Unfortunately, we had to hit the road again. On the plus side we are flying back to the United States from Lima, so we will be back for a week or so at the end of my trip. Hopefully, I will be able to write more upon my return to Lima in June.

For more information on Marcia and her dance school click here.

For the rest of my time in Peru I spent focusing on getting this web page functioning, sitting on buses, and getting my butt kicked by Machu Picchu. I cannot begin to express how much time it takes to put something like this together. Not only is it time consuming to type everything and collect data, but for a novice such as myself there is a huge learning curve in building websites. Still….this is my labor of love, and I will learn web design and HTML. :)